Testing Testing Testing Testing..

I am trying to come up with tailored property files for certain signature/signature combos that can provide context. Just because an image made it here doesn't mean I achieved this goal; maybe it was just pretty :).

If I can find combination's that work, I can do timed snapshots and have these ready for viewing.

Signature(s): All Emerging RBN sigs
Events: 7475
Distinct: 213
Colours: src=yellow, dst=orange, sig=gray
Effects: Line gradient, black to white in 5 steps


@12 cluster of many src and dst. I would look at these more closely
@3 single sig, many source single dest. Popular site with a bad link or maybe an FP?
@6 wireless hotspot. Cesspool. This is expected, no blackhole DNS.
@9 a host as a src and dst. Blackhole evasion or DNS config problem.
Value: Yes.